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Trade Up

Trade Up at C&C!

Buy your iPhone, iPad or Mac and then decide whether to keep your device or return it to buy the new one after 12 or 24 months!

We guarantee the trade-in value of your device for the same amount as the residual value after 12 or 24 months.

Advantages -

☝️ You buy your device and pay only half the price*

✌️ You choose when to return your device

* E.g. if you choose to return your device after 12 months

What happens when it expires? - —

At the end of the Trade Up period you decide whether to keep the device or return it and use the residual value as credit on a new purchase.

C&C guarantees you a trade-in value equal to the residual value.

Trade Up Pay -

You can choose to Trade Up by paying the full amount of your device at the time of purchase. After 12 or 24 months, you can return it and C&C will give you respectively 50% or 30% as trade-in value to be used as credit on the new one.

Trade Up Online -

Trade Up is also available on our E-commerce. Add your favourite device to the shopping cart and proceed with the purchase by choosing either "Trade Up in 12 months" or "Trade Up in 24 months" as the payment method. Please note that there is only one product in the shopping cart.

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Financing -

Trade Up is also available if you choose to finance the initial amount of your device.

In the case of 12-month financing, the final instalment
is 50% of the amount due.

In the case of 24-month financing, the final instalment
is 30% of the amount due.

Transparent information
Advertising message with promotional purposes. Subject to the approval of Compass Banca S.p.A. on the loan application. For the contractual conditions please refer to the information documents available on the website C&C Consulting S.p.A. operates as a credit intermediary with a non-exclusive agreement with Compass Banca S.p.A..

and conditions -

Terms and conditions C&C Trade Up

The service is offered by C&C Consulting S.p.A. and is addressed to final customers (natural persons, also VAT account holders). C&C Trade Up is active on the purchase of iPhone, iPad and Mac (Laptop and Desktop).

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