PagoDIL rate 0 without payroll

Do you want to pay online in 6 installments?

With PagoDIL and thanks to the agreement with Cofidis, C&C allows you to defer the payment of your purchases in 6 convenient installments without costs or interest.

Zero costs, zero interest,

Go to, put in the cart the product you want and during check-out choose PagoDIL by Cofidis.

The amount is divided into monthly fees charged to your account each month.

We offer you the 6 instalments to buy online only one device per category (for example one iPhone, one iPad, one Mac) with the addition of Apple Care.

Minimum deferred amount 300€, maximum deferred amount 2.000€.

The extension is offered by C&C and is subject to the approval of the PagoDIL service by Cofidis.
You can choose PagoDIL by Cofidis for an iPhone, Mac, or iPad and in addition AppleCare +.

Add AppleCare + to your cart

To take advantage of the deferred payment, you must register on the site by entering your name, surname, tax code, a valid email and mobile phone number.
When registering, write your full name as it appears on your health card.
ID card is NOT accepted to take advantage of the extension. Make sure you only use a valid Italian driver's license or passport.
When requested, enter the IBAN of the bank account in the name of the buyer indicated during registration.
The IBAN must be from bank current accounts (Pagobancomat circuit; PayPal, Superflash, etc. are not accepted).
To take advantage of the extension, only Italian and valid driving licence, passport and health card are accepted. The use of different and not congruous documents will not allow us to ship the order.
  • 1
    Buy on
    Choose your device and Apple Care, put them in your cart.
  • 2
    Choose to defer payment
    Follow the instructions to ask for PagoDIL by Cofidis.
  • 3
    Enter your data
    You will need to have with you: your IBAN code; your mobile phone; your health card, driver's license or passport.
  • 4
    Wait for order shipping confirmation
    You will immediately receive an initial result of the procedure via email from Cofidis. Within 24 working hours we will confirm the shipment of your order. The shipment may not be confirmed following sample checks after the first positive result. In that case, you will not be charged.
PagoDIL you can also request it in store
Ask for PagoDIL in our stores. Simply present your Bancomat or Postamat card.
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