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The IT world is constantly evolving, and you?
Today, most companies continue to evaluate and plan technology investments with parameters that are often outdated, making compromises that sometimes negatively affect performance and with a lower than expected return on investment.
can help you cultivate the best talent, allowing them to use the tools they prefer and make them more productive. With the "Choose your own device" solution, your employees will be more satisfied and can concentrate more on increasing their performance.
Work on the move
The culture of working on the move has become an integral part of business processes. We can provide you with the best tools to ensure that people and information integrate seamlessly with new business scenarios without losing sight of safety and convenience.
We help
you to introduce the advanced technologies your company needs, ensuring cost savings without giving up the tailored solution that best meets your strategic and organizational needs.

Rental solutions

Do you have the VAT number? Thanks to a fixed monthly fee, you can introduce the devices you need into your business, reducing the economic impact, in an even simpler and faster formula. To get started, write to business@cecspa.com
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Solutions to change the face of your work

Device management and distribution
Device management and distribution
Together with our technicians and consultants specialized in the most advanced MDM platforms, you can find the distribution solution that best suits your needs. You will have constant support in the following phases thanks to our after-sales services and, if you don't want to worry about the management of your device fleet, you can entrust it to us and we will take care of everything.
Data security
Security and data protection
Offering simple, intuitive and versatile products is not enough: they must also be safe. We offer you all the support you need to face new challenges in the digital workplace, respecting the GDPR, solving current security problems and helping employees to be always connected with the company tools.
We are at the forefront to support the integration or enhancement of smart working between professionals and companies. Thanks to our solutions, developed with the adoption of Cisco software, among the best on the market, ready to respond to the most current challenges that mobile work requires to win without hesitation. Simple, fast and secure meetings, to make the work of your company's employees more efficient, saving money and creating value-added services.
Apple business support
Assistance and Risk Factor
We offer Apple certified technical support throughout Italy. Fast, compliant, and attentive to customer needs. 65,000 services handled over the course of a year, with 72 hours as average repair time per device. Thanks to the C&C Risk Factor, your Apple devices are protected by a "worry-free" formula that, in addition to coverage against accidental damage and theft, supports professional technical support services hardware and software on site and remote.
Trade n business
Trade In
The life cycle of a device should be evaluated by utility and not by calculating whether the cost has been depreciated over time. We can evaluate your fleet of machines and devices from Apple or other manufacturers in your possession, giving you one of the highest evaluations on the market. We can guarantee you the final value of your purchased fleet already at the initial analysis stage, leaving you the freedom and security to choose the best investment for the present.

Dell Technologies Gold Partner

We also offer our customers - companies, institutions and PA - customized DELL solutions for every need, adopting proven approaches and methodologies to plan and implement the transformation of IT, workforce and applications, starting from an objective evaluation and the development of an effective strategy. We better support customers by reducing risk, cost and complexity.

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Thanks to prestigious collaborations we offer customized solutions always up to date and in short time
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