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Apple Rental

It's easier to change for the better

Do you have a VAT number? With C&C promotions,
the Apple rental for your company is even more convenient.

The advantages for your company -

Up-to-date technology: Apple rentals allow you to renew your work tools with the most innovative ones.

Savings: The rental fee is fully deductible with no minimum term limits.

Simplicity: It's easy to manage with a single service invoice and automated direct debit payments.

Liquidity: Apple's rental is not a debt for the company, but a service cost in operating expenses, favouring the possibility of access to credit.

Practicality: you can also sign your documents electronically, from home, from the office, or wherever you are.

Security: the rental always includes an insurance component that provides additional coverage compared to the supply.

How Apple Rental Works -

C&C offers the possibility to use, for your company, the most advanced and innovative technologies, without sustaining the costs linked to a purchase.

You can rent your favourite Apple products, including accessories and services, for 12, 24, 36 or 48 months.
Now you can sign your rental agreement from the comfort of your home, office or wherever you are - digitally!

To get started, come to the C&C stores or write to us at


Promotional offers are subject to restrictions, product availability and credit approval. Execution of documentation provided must be acceptable to the funding partner. Additional fees and/or conditions may apply. Ask our consultants for more details:

Common questions

What is the procedure for submitting an Apple rental request?

To apply, come to one of the C&C stores or write to the Business team at All Apple rental requests will be forwarded to our financial partner for credit approval.

Who can apply for an Apple rental?

Every business customer in business for at least three years.

What options do I have at the end of the Apple rental period?

At the end of the rental period, you can return the equipment, update or extend the existing contract, or request a new dedicated offer.

What happens if my product is damaged during the rental period?

The goods are covered by a policy that protects your products from theft, fire and accidental damage.

Do the devices I already have in my company have any value?

Your used car may still have great value. Find out how much by asking a C&C consultant for an appraisal by emailing

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