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People give their best when they have the opportunity to work as they wish, with the tools they prefer.

We want to provide you with the best tools and solutions for work, wherever you are -

In every industry and around the world, companies are adopting new technologies at an incredible rate. Many solutions are used independently of each other, but they are increasingly advanced and can become even more effective when interconnected.

In a short period of time, Macs, iPhones and iPads have changed the way we think about mobility and have become the devices of choice for businesses of all types.

For the IT industry, this implies a new way of thinking, which puts the user at the center, with the simple aim of helping them work better, offering an unparalleled user experience in both professional and private life.

The customer at the centre -

We put the customer at the center to ensure the best possible buying experience, targeted and tailored advice. We analyze the needs, we find the right combination of hardware, software and services paying particular attention to the budget.

We constantly enhance, improve and implement new solutions to be always close to the needs of our customers. We choose the best partners on the market to give security and solidity to our proposals.

Solutions for your business -

We build solutions tailored to your needs, leaving you free to do only your work.
Save time, capital and resources, with no worries.

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Store with staff dedicated to SMEs
and professionals
Apple Authorised Service Centres
Enterprise Specialist Team
  • 6
    Sales Specialist B2B
  • 3
    Dedicated Business Pro Specialists
  • 40
    40 SMB Specialist
  • 5
    Certified Solution Engineers
  • 80.000
    Assistances managed
    within a year
  • 72
    average repair time in hours per device
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