In town on an electric scooter?

Buy XIAOMI MI Electric Scooter M365

The absolute protagonist of summer 2020 on the mobility front? The electric scooter, from today also available on our e-commerce (buy it here). Thanks to the mobility bonus, a real race to purchase has broken out.

Not just a trend, but a real ally for every move in the city: from the public transport stop to the workplace, the beach, the supermarket or the park with an electric scooter: it doesn't pollute, can be kept comfortably at hand and favours gentle mobility.

The XIAOMI MI Electric Scooter M365, the innovative electric scooter in aluminium, lightweight - weighs only 12 kilograms - meets the needs of those who are tired of vehicle traffic and smog in urban centres.

XIAOMI MI Electric Scooter M365, non-polluting, is equipped with a rechargeable battery (it recharges in just 5 hours) and appeals to urban commuters: it is a small vehicle (width 1080 mm, depth 430 mm, height 1140 mm) that travels at a speed of 25 km/h, with an autonomy of 30 km with a full charge cycle, a battery voltage of 42 V and an engine power of 250 W.

It has a maximum load capacity of 100 kg, a non-slip handle, two inflatable wheels with a diameter of 21.6 cm, a rear brake system, a disc brake and a front lamp for driving in the evening.

The XIAOMI MI Electric Scooter M365 scooter can be ridden from the age of 14 years and is useful for urban routes at competitive speeds with city traffic, forgetting the problem of parking, because unlike bicycles, you can take it by hand and place it anywhere (folded it measures only 108 x 42.9 x49 cm).

Why do you like him so much? Because it allows everyone to move quickly and electrically, so without polluting.

The electric scooter can circulate freely in pedestrian areas (as long as it does not exceed 6 km/h), on cycle paths, lanes and roads where the limit for cars is 50 km/h. The permitted speed is 25 kilometres per hour.

To move safely, quickly and comfortably without the car, choose XIAOMI MI Electric Scooter M365. Travel at no cost and become a multimodal citizen.

Useful tips for circulation

In the absence of available cycle paths, the scooter can circulate on the carriageway (extra-urban carriageways, urban roads with speed limits over 50 km/h, stretches where the circulation of velocipedes is prohibited and pavements or spaces reserved for pedestrians are excluded).

The scooter is equated to the bike (whose rules of use can be found in articles 68 and 182 of the Highway Code). However, the use of helmets is required for minors, the speed limit is set at 25 km/h and it is forbidden to transport people or objects.

To drive the electric scooter you do not need a license but the driver must be at least 14 years old.