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Courtesy service

You have to bring your iPhone to service and you don't want to be left without it?
Don't panic, C&C offers you a replacement device!

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For you an iPhone SE

So you don't get left without your iPhone, C&C offers a courtesy service.

Take your device to a C&C Authorized Service Center and we will give you an iPhone SE for the time needed to repair your device.

When it's ready, you'll receive a message and you can come and pick it up, returning the device we gave you as a courtesy.
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We offer hardware repairs with free pick-up and drop-off and online support for software problems.

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Customer Responsibility

By adhering to the service, the customer agrees to assume at his own expense, from the moment of withdrawal until the actual return, any liability (criminal and civil for personal injury and/or damage to property) with particular regard to the custody and care in the use of the device rented for a fixed period of time owned by the comodante company or C&C S.p.A. The customer undertakes to return to C&C S.p.A. the phone granted to him as a courtesy in the same conditions and with the same equipment as soon as he requests its return, even if the customer's device is not yet available, repaired or replaced by technical assistance. For anything not agreed upon, reference will be made to the provisions of the Civil Code in a commodate manner. C&C S.p.A. will charge a price of 30€ for the entire duration of the loan which will end when the product left in service is ready for collection. It will be the customer's responsibility to return the product within and not later than 3 days from the date of the repair. After this time, an additional amount of 5€ will be charged for each day of delay. The device must be picked up within and no later than 60 days. After this period C&C reserves the possibility, without the owner's consent, to dispose of the device in full autonomy, to recover the costs incurred. In case of repairable damage to the rented device, C&C S.p.A. will charge up to 310€; in case of theft or loss of the rented device, C&C S.p.A. will charge 449€.
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