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How to integrate technology into education with the best solutions from C&C's partners

Pearson Italy -

Together with Pearson Italy, we offer schools the Pearson On iPad package - the perfect solution for organising innovative and effective lessons that harness the power of digital for face-to-face, blended and distance learning.

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What's more, if you sign up to Apple Teacher, you'll receive free access to paid webinars organised by Pearson in partnership with C&C.

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Jamf School -

C&C has always believed that Jamf School is the best MDM solution in the Education field for Apple devices.

For this reason, it has created a partnership that allows the organisation of training events, practical demonstrations also aimed at an international audience, and collaboration in exhibitions at important trade fairs in the sector, such as Didacta.

The partnership creates a privileged channel of communication between the C&C technical department and the Jamf team, so as to support schools for customisations and technical assistance with increasingly immediate timing and effectiveness.

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Erickson -

C&C and the Erickson publishing house together to provide new horizons for learning.

How? With Digi-quaderni, ebooks for schools, operational notebooks in digital version designed to meet the needs of all teachers and encourage a new way of doing school, even at a distance.

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Dell Technologies and Intel -

With Dell Technologies and Intel, you can transform college students' learning with virtual desktops that help accelerate the digital revolution.

With an easy-to-manage Dell Cloud Client Computing solution that connects quickly and securely to your virtual desktop infrastructure, you can reduce terminal deployment time, reduce support calls, and improve the user experience with all-in-one models.

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Logitech -

Empower students to express themselves and learn intuitively with the right tools to unleash their creativity.

Whether it's presentations, illustrations or any other type of learning, students get an extra boost with Logitech Crayon and Rugged Folio.

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Fives for C&C -

With Fives films, exclusively for the Italian market thanks to the partnership with C&C, protect your devices and work with all the necessary comforts.

Safe: because thanks to the special antibacterial treatment it eliminates 99.9% of bacteria.

Comfortable: because it recreates the soft feel of a paper surface, useful for Apple Pencil users, it improves friction helping you to write or draw in a more natural and fluid way without tiring your hand.

Finally, to complete the comfort, it reduces by over 90% the annoying fingerprints left by children and adults and introduces an anti-reflection function that will allow you to use the iPad even in indoor or outdoor light conditions.

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Our partners -

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