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Memorandum of Understanding between Apple, MIUR and the Osservatorio Giovani-Editori (Young Publishers Observatory) -

As part of the actions designed to support digital innovation in Italian schools, the MIUR, Apple and the Permanent Observatory for Young People-Educators signed a memorandum of understanding at the end of September for the implementation of activities designed to strengthen the digital skills of teachers.

The protocol, which will last three years, aims to promote initiatives for the identification of solutions to support the processes of didactic and pedagogical innovation, to experiment with solutions aimed at modifying traditional learning environments, and to encourage the sharing of information and content in support of teachers' educational needs.

C&C as Apple Authorised Education Specialist promotes the activities of dissemination and dedicated training.

Events and calendar

22-06 | 14:30-15:15 |
We get our first Apple Teacher badge
Ruggero Cortese
22-06 | 16:00-17:15 |
The story of Gocciolina
An interactive book 

Stefania Giachè 
29-06 | 15:00-16:15 |
Let's tell the Little Prince

Monica Sandri 
29-06 | 16:30-17:45 |
A multidisciplinary study on Porta Romana
Secondary II Grade

Alessandro Biondi
06-07 | 15:00-16:15 |
iPad, a tool for inclusion
Accessibility and inclusion 

Marco Bacchi
06-07 | 16:30-17:45 |
Let's tell the Little Prince
Giovanna Griffini
13-07 | 15:00-16:15 |
Let's play with a dot

Maurizio Tuliani
13-07 | 16:30-17:45 |
iPads and learning elements for all
Accessibility and inclusion 

Francesca Testa
20-07 | 15:00-16:15 |
The interactive digital workbook
Secondary I

Monica Volpe
20-07 | 16:30-17:45 |
Let's play with a dot

Serena Zanotti

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