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We support schools in the design of PON and to make the most of available funds useful for educational innovation through technology.

Digital education, "Ristori Decree" -

Schools have been allocated 85 million euros for integrated digital education.

The funds will be used by schools for the purchase of digital devices and tools for connections to be provided on loan to students in need.

Rent up to 340* iPads for students -

PON Teaching aids (Axis I - ESF), Public Notice Prot. 19146 of 6 July 2020.

The Notice is aimed at allowing educational institutions to rent teaching aids, books and kits (also to be granted on a free loan basis) for students in difficulty.

The interventions financed are additional to similar actions already financed with other funds. The educational institutions can identify the persons to whom the purchased teaching aids are to be assigned among those who do not benefit from similar forms of support and whose families can document situations of economic hardship also due to the effects connected to the dissemination of the COVID-19.

*Estimated value with maximum funding received, including for peer schools.

Tackling educational poverty -

Projects aimed at combating the risk of early educational failure and educational poverty.

This funding will be used to carry out two-year educational interventions aimed at combating the risk of early educational failure and educational poverty, as well as preventing situations of fragility with regard to the attractiveness of crime in areas of social exclusion characterised by juvenile educational poverty, early school leaving and a high rate of organised crime. Also for peer schools.

Educational tools and aids for disability -

Projects related to the purchase, adaptation, transformation and use of teaching aids.

Apple products natively integrate innovative accessibility features to support the different learning styles of students with disabilities or special educational needs. All of this achieves the only inclusion that can be said to be so. Thanks to dedicated Apps and integrated iPad functions, special paths can be created to structure alternative augmentative communication (AAC).

Pon Smart Class -

The Edu team of C&C supports schools in the design of tailor-made solutions for digital education, including services to manage the entrusting of the device to the student, remotely and in total security. Discover the complete package for an easy configuration of your project.

Click here to download the purchase file, ask for a customized proposal via email to eduteam@cecspa.com

Smart Class CPIA -

The aim is to enable the provision of distance learning activities both at the CPIA and at the prison and hospital sections of educational institutions.

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