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Our mission -

We help teachers to unleash the creative potential of each student. We support schools in designing solutions to make learning more stimulating and effective by offering customised paths based on objectives.

We combine devices with platforms, management solutions and all the experience of our teachers, Apple-certified trainers, who help transform learning into an exciting experience.

We address schools of all levels, allowing everyone to easily experiment with the use of technology in teaching, in presence and at a distance.

The motivation of children is influenced by the environment in which they are formed: physical and virtual -

Apple Education projects are a tremendous enhancement to our educational offerings. The sharing of tasks and materials, classroom management and working in a safe and functional environment enable the adoption of stimulating and effective teaching methods.

We embrace this philosophy by supporting managers, teachers and technicians in the setting up and optimization of spaces through devices, platforms and furniture, ideal for digital friendlyteaching.

Finally, our trainers support teachers in the free Apple Teacher certification programme, enabling them to make the most of technology.

Learn about Apple Teacher Certification -

Find out how easy it is to become an Apple Teacher for free with help from one of our Education experts.


All included. No one excluded -

Apple devices natively integrate innovative accessibility features to support the diverse learning styles of students with disabilities or special education needs. All of this achieves the only inclusion that can be called such: a class, many students, many needs, a single response, different and personalized for each.
Learning has never been so versatile.

Discover the creative genius in every student -

Creativity is innate in every human being: stimulating it is one of the most important tasks of a teacher's work. Creative minds communicate better and are more agile in finding solutions to problems.

The projects contained in the free "Creativity for All" guides teach students how to develop and communicate ideas through video, photography, music and drawing.

In addition, with augmented reality, iPad takes the environment and real objects and enriches them with digital content, creating experiences that allow you to interact in new ways with what surrounds us: the real merges with the virtual, always at the service of the best education.

From computational thinking to educational robotics -

Coding is a fundamental skill to help students make their way in the contemporary world.

"Programming is for everyone" is a series of free apps and courses to learn how to code and teach not only the language of technology, but also new ways of thinking and giving life to ideas, including through the creation and distribution of apps.

All this is accompanied by the compatibility of the curriculum with the most important and popular educational robots, so that you can immediately and concretely apply what you have learned, and understand even better its scope.

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