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Distance learning

Tools and resources for teaching and learning with ease

The school doesn't stop

#Lascuolanonsiferma: C&C - Apple Authorised Education Specialist in the forefront to support schools in distance learning through digital.

In partnership with Apple and Cisco, C&C helps you adopt platforms to deliver borderless video lectures, create virtual classes, share content, and test students' learning with downloadable exercises.

Tools and resources to continue teaching and learning with the goal of continuing education despite school closures.

Credit your school

Apple and Cisco: a winning partnership that allows schools to stay connected at all times, even from a distance. If you want to accredit your school to get the platform follow these 3 steps:

Download the PDF

Download the PDF to get all the information about features and functionality of the platform

Download the Excel file

Download the Excel file to fill in with the school data and the names of the teachers to be enabled

Send email

Send the email with attached Excel file to eduteam@cecspa.com

Use Webex after the free trial period

Do you want to
replicate your experience with Webex and use it as the ultimate tool for the DaD?

The free version is extended until August 31, 2020 and pricing will only start on September 1, 2020.

The subscription is reserved to the Institute that declares the total number of user teachers who will be combined with the relevant license number to activate. Each teacher will have his or her own room and all students will have free access to it with a free license associated with them.

Contact the Edu C&C team: eduteam@cecspa.com

Cisco Security Connector

Using iPad for teaching becomes even safer

With recent distance learning experiences, and with the prospect of a mixed mode in September, Wi-Fi network security, control and protection are needed wherever the student connects.

Cisco Security Connector installs remotely, remotely, via MDM and requires no technical intervention from the student.

The benefits:
- Protection of students from connections to irrelevant sites (content filtering)
- Protection against phishing attacks and accidental browsing of dangerous
sites - Protection of requests against interception, scanning and redirection
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